Thursday, January 22, 2009

Intitial LOST Thoughts S5E01 and S5E02

I'll write a more in depth column for each episode soon (most likely once I watch both again), but right now I wanted to get out some quick reactions.

-The first half of "Because You Left" as horrendous. It felt like an extension of the recap. The writing style raises an interesting question about TV writing. Is it a requirement of the genre to write "catch up" episodes?

-The island time displacement storyline adds a ridiculous amount of complexity to the show. The writers definitely better have their ducks in a row.

-The whole "can't change the past" thing is going to have to be explained a little more.

-Desmond's importance grew leaps and bounds. I'm beginning to wonder if it's not an accident he's the one purely good character on the show (besides maybe Hurley).

-John Locke was mainly MIA. His story is going to be interesting this season.

-I know why they aired the first two episodes tonight. The Lie was a million times the superior episode and felt like the actual season premiere.

-Mrs. Hawking's return was a nice surpise. Now things are starting to come full circle.

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