Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At the risk of alienating half of my readers... one Florida professor says Tim Tebow will do with his new Super Bow commercial. (You can read an article on it here.) I'm going to write a post on the subject of this "controversy."

You see, Tebow and his family are very Christian, so they are pro-life. Their Super Bowl commercial will be about the story of Tim's mother pregnancy and the decision to give birth to him. Rhetorically, it's a strong move. "Look what happens when you have an abortion. It could be the end of a Heisman winner and two time national champion."

The "controversy" here seems to be three fold: 1. People don't want Tebow representing Florida with an anti-abortion message because it doesn't represent all viewpoints. 2. People don't want people expressing their views during the Super Bowl, an entertainment medium. 3. People don't want an anti-abortion message to be espoused, especially during the Super Bowl.

This "controversy" is silly and, of course, deeply revealing. I myself am morally anti-abortion (except in extreme situations), though believe the government has no business outlawing it (free society and you can't stop technology). However, my reasoning for finding this controversy silly has nothing to do with my stance on the so-called abortion issue.

When political correctness is taken to the point that someone can't positively stay their viewpoint without offending others, something is terribly wrong. Likewise, when political correctness tells us we are supposed to separate our values and beliefs from our entertainment, something is wrong. Do you think Tim Tebow separates his values and beliefs from football? Do you think Tom Brady separates his values and beliefs from football? Do you think Bill Belichick separates his values and beliefs from football? Do you think Roger Goodell separates his values and beliefs from football?

To be successful in anything (and everything), life must be a complete experience. You can't divvy yourself into pieces (your job, your home life, your friends, your hobbies) and attend to each piece differently. The ultimate problem with political correctness is it asks us do just that: see ourselves as contradictory creatures who are only trying to achieve certain things at certain times. This "controversy" is a perfect example. Apparently, we're not watching the Super Bowl to see the team/players that reflect our values best win and/or do well, we're watching it to forget about such value judgments. No, life isn't about forgetting. It's about remembering, remembering everything and figuring it out. That's the only way to actually live.

Political correctness necessarily asks us to conduct ourselves in a way that is anti-life: the decisions of our minds don't matter. The appeasement of the group matters. Except, it's impossible to appease everyone, so in true political correctness, we'd all have to be mute. Things would surely get done then, wouldn't they?

Congratulations to the Tebow family for actually doing what's right on a grand stage. And don't tell me if you disagree. I don't want to hear it.

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