Monday, February 8, 2010

Why would you do this?

Here's a video from a recent New Found Glory show in Houston, TX.

Watch it now.

Watched it? Good.

Sidestepping the question of why you would punch anyone in the balls (besides in self defense or in an attempt to imitate the Three Ninjas "light up the eyes" routine), why would you go to a show and punch the lead singer in the balls? Don't you like the band? Is that how you show appreciation? I'd hate to be that dude's friend.

I'm not trying to complain, that would be useless, or explain what was going on in that guy's head, that would be fruitless. All I'm saying is, New Found Glory shows are pretty mild. If that stuff happens there, what does it say about us?

(To prove how hypocritical I am though, I hope someone knocked that kid out.)


dj said...

That kid looked like he was 10 years old too.

Jayemel said...

Maybe he was there for Hellogoodbye then and hadn't even heard of New Found Glory.

Anonymous said...

Tom Brady <3s child porn