Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sometimes I write rhymes.

You're disposable like a razor.
It isn't noticeable when you graze her.
I'm a phaser set to stun. I amaze her.
Call me Kirk. I paint her green so I can blaze her.
Just a coat to screen this phase or
CGI in a laser.
She says bye, she'll see you later.
I'm that guy and you're my hater.
I come high, a Mile High Masturbator
You don't see why, it's the Force and she's Vader.
One shot in her tubes is all it takes to invade her.
You see a Death Star. I see an ill thought out taser.
Her words destroyed your planet.
My motion tracks her to the stars.
Your city's more like a hamlet.
My sound's hot like V Mars.

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