Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Rhyme-A-Whenever Project

Ok, so I haven't been keeping up, but here's a few more I've written lately.

The companion piece to the Selena Gomez rhyme? (Inspired by this video.)

When I met Blake Lively, she said, "Hey get inside me."
Accepted her advances with a toss and a twirl.
She said, "I think I love you." I said, "That's gossip, girl."

The hook to an imagined song called "Defriended."

Offended, defriended. I saw the topic trended.
Is that how USendIt?
Offended, defriended. I have to wonder when did
your tactics get so splendid.
Offended, defriended. I wish we never pretended.
These fences can't be mended.

More Belichick inspired goodness.

All I do is win like I'm Bill Belichick
If you think that I can lose then you don't know me yet
Man you're crying like you're coaching for the Jets
Rex Ryan, what you see is what you get
Three rings, it's time for you to kiss 'em
These things, all you do is miss 'em
When you're talking 'bout your stats and how your record glistens
Listen, a true winner shuts his mouth and buys into the system
You can tell I'm feeling nice, these are whispers of my wisdom

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