Sunday, October 16, 2011

Survivor South Pacific E5: Or What Appendix

Sophie is Coach's Little Dragon

(Thanks to Mario Lanza of of the Funny 115 and his animated gif source.)


Donald said...

Hey, I never realized until just now that you were a Pats fan too!

Anonymous said...

Mario reads this blog too? That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your E6 analysis. Mikayla is definitely being set up for a Redemption run--what, with every "previously on" segment featuring either the: "Mikayla is a scoring machine" or showing her picking the meat off the ground, "Mikayla's not too proud...".

Unless it was all a rouse by the editors. That would be hilarious!

And I would like to see the "Benjamin" storyline carry on-Christine is the only one who I can see really getting under Coach Benjamin's skin.

Jayemel said...

@Donald: Born and raised. :)

@Anonymous #1: Mario is a friend of mine.

@Anonymous #2: Unfortunately I think Mikayla is done now, but Christine MAY be continuing the Benjamin storyline.