Sunday, July 29, 2012

It.Doesn't.Go.Away. (Part 2)

Thanks to a great recommendation, I watched "The Brady 6," an ESPN documentary about how one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history was taken behind six other quarterbacks in the 2000 NFL Draft. In it, you can witness the long lasting effects of a person feeling he was judged improperly, but also how to become a better person because of it. The most revealing and inspiring part was this statement by Tom Brady at the end:
"It's not really a chip on my shoulder. It's just that feeling that, man, maybe nobody wants ya. When I watch myself play at times, I still don't think I'm very good. 'Man, you're still not very fast. You know, you got a decent arm. You know, you made some pretty bad reads on that day.' That's what gets me up and motivates me. I always wanna feel like I'm the best quarterback for this team. I wanna earn it every single day."

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