Friday, July 27, 2012

On Discussed Darkness

"...a man who regards sex, life, and himself as evil will not be attracted to a woman of intelligence, independence, and guiltless self-confidence, will not feel at ease and 'at home' with her romantically..."
-Nathaniel Branden, "The Psychology of Self-Esteem," pg 62

1. Since English doesn't have any gender neutral singular pronouns, the author chose "himself," but the statement would still clearly hold true if the genders were reversed.
2. Though inspired by a specific person, this blog is intended as an artistically exaggerated metaphor for general self-reflection, as I fear it applies to many people.

You told me once there was a darkness deep inside.
I told you about the theme of Dexter.
"Evil" is an exaggeration, but still...

You said you couldn't be yourself 
because I'm intelligent.
Except you were safe.
Except for the lyrics...

"She'll do anything
to make sure that she isn't the one
who lets her guard down
and gets her heart broken."

If you think heartbreak is all that's possible
your guard is always up
and you dream darkly:

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