Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Storm

It was expected, but unanticipated. Before it began, it was over. Perhaps what's most bothersome is that in these divided times, the decision was so decisive.

I originally intended to write this companion piece to my last post the night of or the morning after. Why did I take so long to make my way to the keyboard? I was deciding what to do.

When I make that statement, I don't when what to do with this entry. I can write whatever I want here and it doesn't make a different (most likely). I probably won't get fired. I probably won't change anyone's life. In the best case scenario, someone will be entertained. And that value is worth getting behind.

What I mean is the same question I have posed to others: Where do I go from here?

The answer is the inevitable place my GPS has been fixed on in previous years. I need to be me. And I fully mean sentiment in the Randian sense. The way to win is to be the best me possible, to pursue making my life the best in my conception of the word best. That way is the best until the system is broken that is, and it ain't broken yet.

I am Jayemel. I am Repunklican. Don't hear me roar, because that's not what Repunklicans do. We end paragraphs with references and punchlines (and reference-punchline hybrids).

(What is Repunklican? There'll be more about that definition in the future.)

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Calm

I'm not sure what to do right now. I don't even mean when writing this blog. I mean in general. There's a few things I intend on accomplishing over the next few months (over the next couple days). I'm just so distracted.

For the last few years of my short (so far) life, I've been telling like minded people to me that people are realizing the truth. And I still believe that right now we are (although a lot will depend on what happens when our generation matures). However, in my nativity I never realized how much of a backlash there would be. Are we really on the verge of what we appear to be?

It's like Episode Four of Season Two of LOST. I'm hallucinating that I'm in the foot closest in The Swan. Jin is there in a chicken suit and suddenly speaks English. He tells me, "Everything is going to change." In the episode, Hurley's solution to stop change was to distribute everything, not even necessarily equally (the distribution criteria were never revealed).

Hopefully in real life change will be thwarted by support for the opposite.