Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rhyme-A-Day Project

In order to better hone my rhyming skills (and perhaps transition into actually making songs) I've challenged myself to write (at least) one (worthwhile) rhyme per work day. The following is the results of the first eight days. Daily updates will start from now on.

Selena Gomez, you can give me dome, yes
We'll make our own scene if you know what I mean
I won't be too obscene because you like to keep it clean
but I heard you can still stay pure if
I act like a novice florist and ignore your bush
by making like a Martian tourist and traveling to your tush.

I don't think you're dumb. I know you're not evil
so I'm forced to conclude that your will is feeble.
This is what happens when you deal with people.

You come into my space looking for trouble
but you can't find any, might as well call you Hubble

Maybe if you're lucky I'll take you out to Shoney's ho
You want to make this something, telling me I'm phony yo
well the only Gates I recognize is known as an Antonio
So go ahead, try to make this something larger.
I'll only answer questions on the San Diego Chargers.

Paperclip that lip cause you don't know how to spit
it with it quit it
before that you get caught
saying something you ought not
I know you think you're hot
but you sound like a bot
repeat the routine so you can own the scene
except what you mean is that you want to be seen
any way any means to get up on the screen

After she was done bouncing on my cock
I looked at her and said, "Achievement unlocked."

I've got t-rex arms, but I'm no dinosaurus
The way we spit, your friends they abhore us
they miss rhymes for the trees and raps for the chorus
I mean forest, they're in the lost woods
they can't tell the difference between bad and good

All I do is win like I'm Bill Belichick.
If you think that I can lose then you don't know me yet.