Saturday, August 9, 2008

Inspired by (Semi) Actual Events

Today I watched the video for the new Gym Class Heroes' single Peace Sign/Index Down Featuring Busta Rhymes on YouTube. I was first introduced to the song at Warped Tour this past August when lead singer Travis McCoy showed us what it meant by demonstrating how to "put your up your peace sign up, put your index down." I'm sure you're all smart enough to figure out it's a paradoxical hand gesture that goes from positivity to vulgarity. Although, as a hippie hater, the notion of "peace" (in their estimation) is a slur to me, so maybe the hand gesture is just redundant. The song itself is catchy and otherwise un-notable, even with the Busta Rhymes guest apperance. What most bothered me were all the comments on the video. Not one, regardless of a positive or negative senitment, had any semblance of proper spelling, grammar, or even coherent thought. Thus, in response, I penned the following poem in passing.

YouTube comments are more terrifying than terrorism.

Man, your ISP should charge an extra fee
because you're dumb as hell.
Where did you learn to spell? It makes me LOL.
OMG BRB someone's texting me.
What does that mean?
This screen is too obscene to get caught inbetween
you and your pointless scene.
Jk I kid. I've got too much wit to hate this shit.
Every bit writ is more shit to spit.
"Writ"? I suppose this is what we git when we don't vote for Mitt.
Now I said "git." I can't; I'm dropping off the grid.
And so to you I bid:
Read a book or something. Pick up some basic knowledge somewhere. Otherwise you and your opinion are irrelevent.

And if you're ready to call me an elitist intellectual at this point, you must have forgotten:
Shut up, you're wrong.

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