Monday, August 11, 2008

Nothing is like the Nazis...?

Recently, an anonymous commenter on one of my old posts posted an (apparently) well known internet theory called "Nothing is Like the Nazis" in order to call me an idiot. The text of what he reposted follows:
NOTHING Is Like The Nazis

by isntitironic (wanksta extraordinaire)

"Seriously. Those people who don't agree with your 'ship? They are not like the Nazis. Those people who don't agree with your politics? That mod who banned you? That person who corrected the spelling in your fanfic? None of them are even remotely like the Nazis in any way, shape, or form. NOTHING is like the Nazis. Even those guys who hang out at the mall in black leather with shaved heads and swastika bling are not like the Nazis - they're only TRYING to be because they think it makes them rebels, when in fact it merely makes them badly-dressed idiots who will never get laid because if they ever took their clothes off in front of another human being they would find themselves in the incredibly unenviable position of having to convince that other human being that their tattoos are 'just kidding'.

Should you find yourself tempted to compare somebody to the Nazis, follow these steps:

1. Stop typing.

2. Log off and shut down your computer.

3. Visit the nearest bookshop or library. Get yourself a nice cup of coffee and find a book on the Holocaust. Read the book from cover to cover.

4. Spend 24 hours thinking about what was in the book.

5. Get back online and re-read the post that made you angry.

6. If you still feel like comparing something to the Nazis, repeat from step one. Once you have gained some perspective, then and only then may you post your reply."
I wonder if the commenter and the internet theorist he admires (isnitironic) are following the current Russian invasion of Georgia. I heard one analyst describe it as "Hitler-like." It appears people do think that things in the world can be like the Nazis.

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